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Sport & Nature


  • Itinerary 1: between the sea and the mountain along the conero
    It is one of the most striking itineraries to be crossed by motorbike: it is the one that crosses the Riviera del Conero, from Ancona to Marcelli. The road is full of curves, offers a lot of panoramic views and wonderful sights on the coast, that can be reach crossing Sirolo and Numana, famous thanks to their sandy beaches. Crossing the coast we suggest to stop in one of the typical beaches of the Riviera, to be enchanted by a transparent water and steep cliffs.
  • Itinerary 2: from the gullies to the valleys of the esini hills
    It goes from Ancona to Porto Recanati riding the state highway 76 and crossing Medieval villages and a stunning nature. From the Castle of Ancona it passes for Jesi, Moie and Castelplanio, up to Serra San Quirico, a marvelous Medieval village, that introduces the traveler in a fabulous natural landscape. In Genga there is a Medieval castle into the wood; from here it continues up to the Frasassi Caves. Then, it goes on to Matelica to reach the artificial lake of Cingoli, that offers a stunning panorama and then it goes on through the county road 111, that reaches Porto Recanati, crossing Recanati and Loreto.
  • Sailing
    The close Riviera del Conero offers to the Guests of the Hotel Palace del Conero the chance to live a sailing experience. In the neighborhood, indeed, in Camerano, the Sail&Tech offers a Sail School service in 3 steps: base, advanced and cruise. Even who is at his first experience can learn a few about sailing and know the equipment and the operations to do to start to know the boat. The aim of this organization is to let this sport be known, so as its tradition, its philosophy; that is why the Sail&Tech organizes daily excursions or in the weekend, to discover the Riviera del Conero.
  • Windsurf
    Moving towards Portonovo we are in one of the most favorable areas where to do windsurf. The wind and the waves are indeed perfect to do surf, windsurf or kite surf. These 3 kind of activities have in common the board but they are practiced in a different way. Surfing is the most classical activity, that allow to ride the waves thanks to one’s balance on a quite big board. Windsurfing is practiced on a similar board on which there is a sail: so you have to manage the waves and the wind at the same time. Kite surfing is the newest activity and need a board which sizes depend on the wind force and that is carried by a “kite” moved by a control board, linked to the kite with tiny cords. Who is curious about these water activities will find on the Riviera del Conero the center “Portonovo Windsurf Band”, that organizes courses and allows to rent the needed equipment.
  • Speleology
    The Province of Ancona is crossed by an underground system still a little known but really beautiful. In Osimo, in particular, there is a thick network of tunnels and underground areas, digged at different levels. These caves were used in particular for esoteric rites, religious ceremonies and, recently, during the two World Wars, such as ways of escape from the bombings. The underground Osimo is known as Grotte (caves) “del Cantinone”, just under the indoor market and San Francesco’s monastery. These areas were been opened to the public by the Civic Administration, that proposes a “ipogeo” itinerary, which entry is close to the Tourism’s offices. Visits are organized by the cultural association Osimo Sotterranea, that accompanies tourists and curious people in speleological itineraries, discovering this magic underground network of galleries, rich in religious low reliefs and engravings. More info at: www.osimosotterranea.it
  • Paragliding
    If you are looking for adrenalin rushes during your holidays, one of the most panoramic and striking activities to do on the Riviera del Conero is parapente. Leaded by an expert pilot you could try the emotion of the flight and even filmed it. The flight, allowed at any age from 6 years old, is made on a two-seater paraglider, with which you can plunge in the vacuum from a higher position, to glide at the end on the ground. It is an incredible emotion and above all a way to challenge the gravity and yourself, preserving an indelible memory. More info at www.parapendio-conero.com
  • Aspio Thermal Bath
    If you are looking for relax, few minutes from the Hotel Palace del Conero you can reach the Aspio Thermal Baths. The mineral and salso-bromo-iodine waters, have therapeutic virtues thanks to the presence of different kind of salts and to their characteristics. Waters pour from four different springs: the Forte, the Nuovo, the Santa Maria and the Regina, to reach at the end the thermal baths in Camerano, where they are used in inhaler therapies, hydropinic therapies, anti age therapies and wellness treatments. All the info at: www.termeaspio.it
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